Jeanne Bice Announces Cancer Diagnosis

After missing a recent QVC appearance, 71-year old Quacker Factory founder Jeanne Bice, she of the perpetual headband and heavily embellished sweaters, announced today that she has “a very treatable form of cancer:”

Life is a journey, always be prepared to walk down a new road. We just need to have faith and follow the trip God has set up for us. After many tests, I have learned I have a very treatable form of cancer. I need to get the old plumbing repaired, and in a few months time, I will be right as rain. Thanks for your continued support of Quacker Factory. Please keep me in your prayers as I face this new detour.


40 responses to “Jeanne Bice Announces Cancer Diagnosis

  1. I wsh you all the best. I to have just been diagnosed with a luump on my right breast. No out come yet. God bless

  2. Debbie, what a difficult thing to go through. I’m so sorry.

  3. Does she have uterine cancer?

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  5. Billie Oliver

    Hi Jeanne, just want to say you are in my prayers. I have been with you from the days of button covers. Angel is such a sweetie but we do love and miss you. Take care and hurry back. Quack,Quack from Billie Oliver, Homosassa, Fl.

  6. So sorry about this health problem. You are in my prayers and our church’s prayers. Our daugher-in-law has breast cancer and is on the way to recovery. Her name is Angi, if you would like to keep her in your prayers. I think Angel is a pretty special person to carry on with your products and will also be glad to see you back again.
    God Bless
    Yvonne Tindell
    Fort Supply, Ok. 73841

  7. Dear Jeanne, My wife has been watching you’re show for several years and has had completments on everything she wears she purchased from Quaker Factory.
    Jeanne you look a lot like my wife. I have sat with her many times watching your show I think you are a special lady. our prayers are with you. As you fight this cancer be minful of the Twenty Third Psalm where it says,” He restoreth my soul, He makes me lie down in green pastures, and he leads me in the path of rightiousnes.” Jeanne, it was God who made those promises, thats what they were! Trust in Him and he will restoreth your soul and he will make you lie down in green pastures, and he will lead you in the path of rightiousness for His name sake. At the same time he will heal you of cancer. There is a bible verse that I love, it’s Roman 8:18 “The sufferings of this present time is not worthy to be compared with the Glory that shall be revealed in us! In Christ love Bob Wade

  8. Hi Jeanne,
    Hope U are feeling up to pare really soon.I Love you like an old friend,and miss seeing you on QVC. Not taking anything away from Angel or your clothes its not just YOU.I’ve been with you since botton covers & I still have some ,my grandsons love. Please get well soon I feel like your my only friend left(my two best girlfriends past away in the last year)I get to see and laugh with at least once a month. Sorry didn’t mean to get down,God speed,God Loves you and so do I.

  9. Kathy Chevrette

    Sorry to hear of your health problem. I had uterine cancer 17 years ago, went through all the treatments and with God’s will came through it fine. My neighbour same story. I’m sure you will do as well!!

  10. Barbara Simoneaux

    God bless you on your new journey.

  11. Tonight I learned of the passing of our dear friend Jeanne Bice on QVC. May you be reunited with your family in Heaven and Enjoy your new wings – I am sure they are polished up and ready for you to look after us!
    Libby Cupp, Lima OH

  12. Rest In Peace, Jeanne

  13. I just returned from visiting my daughter and her children-of course, I had surprised her with the beautiful blue terry dress to celebrate her as mom of the two boys-tomorrow I will present my other daughter with the pink one to celebrate her new daughter. I am wearing Jeanne’s line today,she is a part of the “fabric of our lives”. Needless to say, I was shocked when Carolyn announced her death today. Please know how much she influenced me for the better. There are so few words now for the friends and family except to remember that smile and who she was-she will be in your DNA for eternity as she is to all her QVC customers-my sincerest sympathy with love,Joan Smith

  14. So sorry to hear the news. Will miss you and your wonderful humor. Rest in peace.

  15. Oh, I am so sorry about Jeanne’s passing. I quacked quacked a lady in grocery store yesterday when I spotted her pants. I will always cherish the sweater she made in honor of my Shih Tzu dog. Now I’ve lost 2 friends. My thoughts and prayers are with Angel and the family. Joan Nutter

  16. Jeanne was such a wonderful example for all of us. Always a smile on her face, she will be dearly missed.

  17. iam so sorry about your mom! i will be praying for you.she is in heaven now with your dad.just think about that.she is in a much better place than we are. delita smith she is with the angles too quacking away.

  18. I saw Jeanne on the 50/50 QVC tour many years ago and have been “Quacking” since then…..I also have a few of the “button covers” – I glued a magnet to the back and they are on my refrigerator – always reminding me to “dream alittle” as she would say…I have missed her the last few Quacker shows but did not know what was wrong until now… Be strong Tim and Lee – your Mom would want you to remember her happy Spirit..Rest in Peace …You have touched so many lives…your sparkle/ fun /classy /whimsical /holiday etc clothing are all around and on me…..

  19. Lillian Ogden

    I was so terribly sorry and shocked this morning when Carolyn said that Jeanne had passed away. Jeanne will be missed so much, she was such a lovely lady and always so upbeat and happy. I will miss seeing her on QVC.
    My condolences and love to her family.
    Lillian Ogden Repjy
    June 12,2011

  20. Patty Creech Stouse

    I was sadden to hear the lost of our precious friend, Jeanne. She was such a inspiration to all.

    Sending Blessings and Prayers to the Bice Family,

    Patty Creech Stouse

  21. i’m sorry to hear about the loss of Jeanne Bice. I’ve watched her on QVC for a long time and she touched my life in so many ways. With her spiritual uplifting words, her whimsical & fun clothing line and her wonderful humor. Everytime I saw her on QVC I just had to watch her. She was one of my favorite people on QVC. She was such a special lady and so down to earth. Her family (and her QVC family) are in my prayers. Jeanne was well loved and will be greatly missed. God has gained another flower in his garden. May you now rest in peace Jeanne,

    Marcia P.

  22. Jeanne will remain alive in our hearts as long as we sparkle and shine as she would have wanted us to do. She often said she started with nothing. She achieved more then most of us will. She was to young to leave us. I guess heaven just needed more glitz and glamor and so He called her home. We will miss that great personality and humor, but we will always remember your heart.

  23. Loretta Monaghan

    Jeanne gave all of us LOVE and LAUGHS and she taught us to LOVE our bodies no matter what size or shape! We LOVE her in return for giving us LARGE women pride in our clothing and there can never be another girlfriend like Jeanne. I have watched her on QVC from 1995 and it was her humor that kept me watching and her sparkle that made me shine with our Quacker clothes. I also quacked at others if I knew they were wearing Quacker clothes and we would comment on that lady on QVC that sells them. I know Jeanne would want us all to BELIEVE that she is just fine and we must remember her with SMILES and LAUGHTER and most important with no tears. I hope that ANGEL will continue as Jeanne chose the right one to continue for her. Angel has Jeannes sense of humor, design and love. To Lee and Tim and the QVC family we all share in your loss and our hearts are all broken and in shock right now. QVC will never be the same but Jeanne would want us all to remember her and go on living, loving and shopping in her memory! God Bless our friend Jeanne Bice and may she be our shinning star. I hope we can all get a headband to wear in her memory……..maybe one with a duck on it………..Quack Quack Jeannie Bice

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  25. Jeanne – you were a true original and brought love, humor, and hope to so many!
    You will definitely be missed but I have a feeling that you are already making a sequined golf sweater for St. Peter!!
    Love you Jeanne!


  26. I will always remember how good jeannie could make me feel just to see her beautiful smile and all the wonderful things she had to say. I will try to remember to have the faith, hope and dreams she wished for all of us. Now i know there is truley an angel among us. Sparkle and shine the heavens my friend. God bless to her family. I fell blessed to have watched your mother and i fill as if i have lost a very dear friend.

  27. Be happy in heaven dear Jeanne; we will see you again. Love Margaret

  28. I am so sorry about the passing of Jean, the earth was a little better place because of her and her beautiful clothes, Prayers to the friends and family,Love, Jane

  29. Jeanette DeMatteo

    So sorry to hear of Jeanne’s passing. I have many of her clothes and love that she brought us blingy, sparly clothing and positivity over the years. Rest in peace, heaven is a better place with you in it! My condolences to your family and the many friends and fans you ahve made over the years. Thanks – we willmiss you!

  30. Paula Richuber

    I’m so sorry to hear about Jeanne. I really liked her bright, bubbly personality. She cheered me up, and I loved watching her on QVC. I just feel so bad.

    Paula-Wichita, Kansas

  31. I am sad to hear of Jeanne’s passing. My closet is full of designs from her Quacker Factory and I loved watching her. I think everyone felt like she was their personal friend!
    I will miss you, Jeanne and I am also ill and hopefully we will meet again one day!
    God bless Jeanne’s family, Marilou

  32. Jeanne was a special lady! Loved her enthusiasm and style! Will miss seeing her around town in Boca Raton, Florida. Rest in peace, sweet lady.

    Diane and Carol Bowen, Boca Raton, FL

  33. Although most of Jeanne’s fashions didn’t work for me because I’m a bit smaller than an extra small, I kept trying because they were just such fun. And every now and again one of them would fit just right! I mostly kept watching because of Jeanne’s indomitable spirit and wicked sense of humor. What a delightful lady. The thought of her embellishing angel wings and gowns makes me smile. The world will be a little less sparkly without her. Love to Jeanne’s family. When the tears begin to dry, may they be replaced by HAPPY memories!

  34. Oh my…what a loss for all of us. My thoughts and prayers to Jeanne’s family. Most of all Rest in Peace Jeanne, for you will be missed.

  35. I will always remember you has a special angel and a cute little duck.I am in shock.I have your clothes and I will always wear them and say a great lady made these.RIP.Gloria

  36. Joyce Siddiqui

    Jeanne Bice was wonderful. She was so much more than just a creative clothing designer. She wa a lay therapist to many of us who rallied in her unique sayings and inspiration. We pray for her eternal peace and her family at this time. She was beloved.
    Quack Quack forever, You were love. Joyce

  37. Marcia Downing

    What a loss for us, I’m in tears as I just found out this morning-June 24. My closet & drawers are filled and so is my heart. The good Lord knew what He was doing when He brought her into our lives. We didn’t know her like her family, personal friends & Angel did but she blessed us in sooo many ways and we loved her for it. She was no longer a teacher in our schools but she taught us to love more, to believe more and to watch out for those miracles. We will never forget her. I know she has sparkled & shined the heavens and I’ll just bet she put a rhinestone on the good Lords robe.
    Angel will shine on in Jeannes absence and she will do a wonderful job at QVC but for today I mourn Jeanne. I will sign this as she once called me
    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia in Nashville

  38. My heart is saddened to learn of Jeanne’s passing. My computer has been on the fritz and I just learned about it today. I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. We’ll all meet again! I have many of her clothes and will cherish them forever. God Bless Jeanne’s family.

  39. Camille Krzywicki

    I just learned about Jeanne’s passing today, so sorry, she was as great as they get. I just loved her sense of humor and candid conversations. she will be sadly missed. I know God will take care of her in heaven.

  40. my heart is breaking. I have just leared of Jeanne’s passing.

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