Why Former QVC Host Patti Reilly is Moving to L.A.

Judging by the search terms that lead people to Dialing with Pencils, a lot of people are wondering why former QVC host Patti Reilly is moving to to Los Angeles.

From Patti’s answers to questions about her upcoming move to California during a recent chat on the TVShoppingQueens forum, it sounds like she doesn’t have a new job lined up yet:

kimonogal: Do you have a definite job in CA or are you going and taking your chances on employment?

PattiReilly: I’m taking a leap of faith!!! Wish me luck, lol. Seriously, I just felt like QVC gave me everything I ever wanted and I grew as much as I could there. I want to try something new while I have the energy. it’s definitely scary, but I’m also looking forward to new adventures.

catluvr6: I really admire your courage to make this big change. I wish I had been able to do something like that. Do you have a particular field you are interested in working or just whatever comes along?

PattiReilly: I’m trying to listen to my gut and look for things that make me happy – beauty, healthy living, talking to people, being outdoors, animals, kids, writing… Is there a job that fits that criteria??? If someone finds out, please lmk.

But don’t look for her back on one of the home shopping networks.  She says she’s not going back to hawking miracle creams and battery powered skin brushes on air:

mrs.qfan: patti are you going back to the Q in the near future or any other shopping channel??

PattiReilly: I don’t think so. I want to try something new & different and I’m just sending that out to the Universe. Hopefully I’ll find something that makes me happy.


2 responses to “Why Former QVC Host Patti Reilly is Moving to L.A.

  1. so sorry to hear about Jeanne Bice !!

  2. I’ve been with QVC since the beginning. I’ve seen hosts come and go, I liked Patti before she underwent a TOTAL transformation from the REAL person she was created to be! Loosing weight is one thing, but she went from looking REAL to looking PLASTIC in a very short time! I do wish her well, like I do for everybody! And if she really left QVC for the unknown, sounds like she’s going to need it!!

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