Former QVC Host Kathy Levine on Air Tuesday

Former and I’m going to go ahead and say beloved QVC host Kathy Levine will join Jane Treacy on air tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6 p.m.  For readers not familiar with Kathy Levine’s oeuvre — who am I kidding?  If you’re reading this blog, you know who Kathy Levine is.

But for readers with selective amnesia:  She’s the woman who started with QVC when the channel was launching back in 1986.   The funny one on air with Joan Rivers all the time.  The one not afraid to throw a Yiddish phrase or two into her on-air shtick.  Yup, that Kathy Levine.


4 responses to “Former QVC Host Kathy Levine on Air Tuesday

  1. Is Kathy returning to QVC?? Hope so!!

  2. I don’t think so–but I do hope so!

  3. I saw her on TV in Europe, winter 2010, selling the wonder bra. It was an infomercial dubbed in various languages. Have not see her on US TV since then. Miss her on QVC. The newer, younger, sillier, hostesses don’t measure up to her, in anyway, too yacky, yacky, yacky.—Sell the product,if want to know about your personal life, we will facebook you.

  4. read Eileen Conwell comment on 10/12/2011

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